Trekking In Peru – Beyond Inca Trail Tours

Getting from area to area during the Peru stint of your South America package tours tends to come with limited choices. Choosing between price and convenience is pretty much the choice on the table when heading between major regions or cities and towns. Generally speaking, the lower the price the higher the travel time so be certain take this into consideration when making your method.

There’s no doubt that the most important destination in Peru is machu picchu video. This ancient citadel of the Incas has been named a new wonder which is the best position to obtain a feel for your architectural skill and prowess of the ancient civilization. Set on the surface of a mountain in lush high jungle, the location can be appreciated as much for the surrounding natural beauty as for the impressive archaeological site.

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This is yet site areas filled with Inca record. It sits 1968 feet below Cusco. Very a beautiful valley filled up with many archaeological digs an individual can stop by Chincheros to go local crafts and take some time with local culture.

The temperatures tend to alter so pack a regarding clothes. From dry season (from May through November), the local climate is cool. Temperatures can array from 43 to 70 degrees F throughout the summer months and from 32 to 62 degrees F during a bitterly cold winter.